Monthly Archives: October 2015

Underdone RPG Halloween Special

Underdone RPG Version 1.2.5 – Halloween Update has just been released and till the end of the month the gamemode will be on offer for $40 instead of $60!

Buy Underdone RPG here

Underdone RPG 1.2.5 update as follows:

  • Updated the scoreboard to reflect rank, deaths and kills (The Commander)
  • Improved the look of the F1 help menu (The Commander)
  • Centred the menus for the Bank, Auction house etc, this should make it easier for people running on potato resolutions (The Commander)
  • Asmodeus set now drops (The Commander)
  • Option to hide the quest menu from the HUD (The Commander)
  • On screen alert for players if they don’t have the required games mounted to see everything, can be disabled in the option menu (The Commander)
  • Players now play an animation when they pick up items etc (The Commander)
  • Nerfed the Antbot damage and changed the NPC to a Antlion instead of Antlion Worker (The Commander)
  • Quests tab added to the Q menu (The Commander)
  • Crafting tab added to the Q menu (The Commander)
  • Fixed Intellect/Crafting (The Commander)
  • No longer possible to drop/give/sell etc items with a decimal value (The Commander)
  • Slots in the Inventory window have been rearranged are bigger and named (The Commander)
  • Replaced the bloated tab menu with a more basic tab panel system that are named and have icons that represent each tab better (The Commander)
  • Added Withdraw and Deposit All commands to the bank menu (The Commander)
  • Added option to buy items in bulk from shops (The Commander)
  • Fixed crafting progress bar (The Commander)
  • Added Build Token Exchange shop (The Commander)
  • Fixed Antbot drops (The Commander)
  • Moved the Servers from the Antbot building to the Computer store (The Commander)
  • Disabled the use of abilities while in menus and console (The Commander)
  • Added Rail Gun (The Commander)
  • Added Wooden Seat to Car Dealer NPC (The Commander)
  • Fixed Entity Networking Culler so that Atmos etc works correctly and doesn’t give a black sky (The Commander)
  • Added basic language support for English, Korean, French and Russian (The Commander)
  • Added Halloween update “Ghost NPC’s, items” (The Commander)