Monthly Archives: April 2016

Forum Ratings

You can now rate peoples posts on the forums in the same fashion as seen on

Let people know how you feel about what they say today.

CARnage Is Back

CARnage is back in action.

You can join the server at:
The content can be downloaded from this collection, but you will download it when you join if you don’t have it.

Hard Drive Failure

Due to a hard drive failure on the dedicated server all players data on the Underdone RPG server has been lost.

I know this will be very frustrating for a lot of players who made it to level 100 and higher who spent months on end grinding away.
On part this was my fault for not keeping backups of the files.

I will try to reimburse players but this may take me a day or two to do, so for the mean time please redirect any comments to the thread and not to me personally on Steam as I am extremely busy.

All player data has been reverted