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CARnage Is Back

CARnage is back in action.

You can join the server at:
The content can be downloaded from this collection, but you will download it when you join if you don’t have it.

Hard Drive Failure

Due to a hard drive failure on the dedicated server all players data on the Underdone RPG server has been lost.

I know this will be very frustrating for a lot of players who made it to level 100 and higher who spent months on end grinding away.
On part this was my fault for not keeping backups of the files.

I will try to reimburse players but this may take me a day or two to do, so for the mean time please redirect any comments to the thread and not to me personally on Steam as I am extremely busy.

All player data has been reverted

Minecraft FTB Infinity Evolved

We have opened up a Minecraft FTB Infinity Evolved server.

You can find the server at

You will obviously need to install the Infinity Evolved mod pack which you can get from the Feed The Beast launcher here:

It is currently publicly open, but if things get out of hand it will go to a white list.

A online real time view of the map can be found at this link: Online Map

TeamSpeak 3

We have now set up a TeamSpeak 3 server.

You can connect to it using the following IP:

Forum Sign Up Issues

It has been reported to me that a lot of people were having issues signing up to the forums due to not receiving the email verification to authorise their account.
I have now turned off email verification and manually activated all out standing accounts that were awaiting verification.

Hopefully spam bots won’t be an issue due to this but they shouldn’t be smart enough to get past the sign up questions.
If you have issues with the questions, just use Google.

VIP Store Items

You can now buy in game money for Underdone RPG using the Donation Store.

Currently you can buy:

  • $10,000 in game money for Underdone RPG for $1 USD
  • $50,000 in game money for Underdone RPG for $3 USD
  • $100,000 in game money for Underdone RPG for $5 USD
  • $500,000 in game money for Underdone RPG for $8 USD
  • $1,000,000 in game money for Underdone RPG for $10 USD

I may add other items or money packages if people request them, but I will not add “buy XP or levels”
Remember you can also buy Refined Metal ($2000) and Cores ($10,000) from the Donator Shop in game in the VIP zone if you are a VIP member.

Donator/VIP Price Changes

Donator/VIP prices have now been changed.
It is now $5 for VIP for a month (used to be $20)
Or $20 for VIP permanently (used to be $50)

Underdone RPG Halloween Special

Underdone RPG Version 1.2.5 – Halloween Update has just been released and till the end of the month the gamemode will be on offer for $40 instead of $60!

Buy Underdone RPG here

Underdone RPG 1.2.5 update as follows:

  • Updated the scoreboard to reflect rank, deaths and kills (The Commander)
  • Improved the look of the F1 help menu (The Commander)
  • Centred the menus for the Bank, Auction house etc, this should make it easier for people running on potato resolutions (The Commander)
  • Asmodeus set now drops (The Commander)
  • Option to hide the quest menu from the HUD (The Commander)
  • On screen alert for players if they don’t have the required games mounted to see everything, can be disabled in the option menu (The Commander)
  • Players now play an animation when they pick up items etc (The Commander)
  • Nerfed the Antbot damage and changed the NPC to a Antlion instead of Antlion Worker (The Commander)
  • Quests tab added to the Q menu (The Commander)
  • Crafting tab added to the Q menu (The Commander)
  • Fixed Intellect/Crafting (The Commander)
  • No longer possible to drop/give/sell etc items with a decimal value (The Commander)
  • Slots in the Inventory window have been rearranged are bigger and named (The Commander)
  • Replaced the bloated tab menu with a more basic tab panel system that are named and have icons that represent each tab better (The Commander)
  • Added Withdraw and Deposit All commands to the bank menu (The Commander)
  • Added option to buy items in bulk from shops (The Commander)
  • Fixed crafting progress bar (The Commander)
  • Added Build Token Exchange shop (The Commander)
  • Fixed Antbot drops (The Commander)
  • Moved the Servers from the Antbot building to the Computer store (The Commander)
  • Disabled the use of abilities while in menus and console (The Commander)
  • Added Rail Gun (The Commander)
  • Added Wooden Seat to Car Dealer NPC (The Commander)
  • Fixed Entity Networking Culler so that Atmos etc works correctly and doesn’t give a black sky (The Commander)
  • Added basic language support for English, Korean, French and Russian (The Commander)
  • Added Halloween update “Ghost NPC’s, items” (The Commander)


Deathrun Server

We are now running a Deathrun server.
It is a new version of Deathrun that hasnt been seen before.

Check it out today.