Underdone Steam


About This Game

The Scarlet King has attacked Firewood and stole the five crystals which protect us.
As a young hero, The Scarlet King killed your parents. You need to slay the Scarlet King and get those five crystals back!

Underdone is a RPG game revolving around completing quests, grinding mobs, collecting loot and levelling up.
You can also maintain a garden then plant fruit, vegetables, and trees for you to harvest later.
When you don’t feel like doing any of the above you can also enjoy a nice day fishing and try and get that big one!

You can do many things in Underdone

  • Design your own custom character and avatar to play as.
  • Do Quests.
  • Slay enemies.
  • Gain experience by completing quests and slaying enemies.
  • Fishing.
  • Plant fruit, vegetables and trees.
  • Featuring a great music soundtrack brought to you by Vindsvept.